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Publicado el 27/05/2019

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, May 21st to Monday, May 27th, 2019


Ministry of Energy and Mines revealed that it will be awarded in April 2021 the Integrated Transportation System


The Ministry of Energy and Mines revealed that in April 2021 the Integrated Transport System (SITGas) will be awarded, which is what is known today as the initial project of the Southern Peru Gas Pipeline.

The first section would go from the Malvinas plant to Anta, while the second would go from Anta to Ilo. What is currently being evaluated is whether it is done as an integrated project or split into two for practical purposes to carry it forward.

Finally, they indicated that the SITGas project will be co-financed. This implies the participation of the private and also the State.


  • ICCGSA Inversiones sells shares in Corporación Agrícola Olmos in favor of Milpeño, according to information sent to Scotiabank (Diario Gestion).

  • Ministry of Energy and Mines revealed that it will be awarded in April 2021 the Integrated Transportation System, which is how it is known today what was the initial project of Gasoducto Sur Peruano (Diario Gestion).

  • Acciona expects to define in 2019 purchase or investment in solar and wind power plants in Peru (Diario Gestion).

  • The land where the Chinchero International Airport (Cusco) is planned to build does not yet have a Certificate of Non-Existence of Archaeological Remains (CIRA), despite the fact that land movement works have already begun (Diario Gestion).

  • Fraport AG, based in Frankfurt, acquired an additional 10% stake in Lima Airport Partners (LAP), which increased its stake to 80.1% in the operator of the Jorge Chávez international airport (Diario Gestion).

  • Egasa will invest in a photovoltaic power plant and in the construction of the Charcani VII Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in La Joya, Arequipa (Diario Gestion).


  • Petroperú plans joint investment with oil operators located in the Amazons region to expand the pipeline to several lots of Loreto, estimating an investment of US$ 1,700 millions (Diario Gestion).

  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications announced that it received technical and economic proposals from Turkey, Korea, Canada and Spain to provide technical assistance in the construction of the Chinchero International Airport (Diario Gestion).


  • Intercorp, which is in charge of the project of the former Cuartel San Martín in Miraflores, plans to build a vehicular tunnel between said establishment and the Costa Verde. It should be noted that the Project of the former Cuartel San Martin contemplates an estimated investment of US$ 680 millions (Diario Gestion).

  • Iccgsa Agroindustrial announced that it has subscribed all the documents related to the transaction on the sale of the shares of Corporación Agrícola Olmos in favor of Milpeño S.A.C. (Diario Gestion).

  • Ferreycorp will sell common shares representing the capital stock of La Positiva Vida Seguros y Reaseguros, which would represent revenues for the company of US$ 5,042,570.43 millions (Diario Gestion).

  • Senace announced that it will initiate the evaluation of the environmental impact study of the Hidrovia Amazónica project that will be executed in the Peruvian Amazon (Diario Gestion).

  • Electro Oriente seeks to increase its generation capacity by executing an hydraulic and biomass project (Diario Gestion).


  • The Spanish company Solarpack announced the purchase of two photovoltaic parks in southern Peru, which were built by the company itself, for US $ 51.5 millions (Diario Gestion). 

  • Energy Power Peru Consulting received the definitive concession from the Ministry of Energy and Mines to develop the electric power generation activity at the La Herradura El Gallo Hydroelectric Plant (Diario Gestion).



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