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Publicado el 15/04/2019

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, April 09th to Monday, April15th, 2019


The period of receipt of offers for train Lima - Ica

ProInversión confirmed that the 45-day period was officially opened, to recerve offers from the private sector in order to develop the co-financed private initiative of the rail project Lima to Ica, which will require an investment US$ 3,266 million, as well as the third group of regional airports.

Both projects are currently in the planning and programming phase, which is the first part of the four phases that comprise the concession award processes, and that the closing of this period of receipt of offers will be this 15 de Mayo (Diario Gestion).


  • The Italian Electricity Company Enel contemplates the possibility to acquire Sempra's assets in Peru, which is a shareholder of Luz del Sur (Diario Gestion).

  • The investment projection of Peru Rail from 2019 to 2034 is S/ 153.95 million, according to Alberto Valdez Galdos, General Manager of the Company (Diario Gestion).


  • The concessionaire of Line 1 of Metro of Lima is carrying out expansion works in that structure with an investment of US$ 469 million, as part of Addendum 4 of its Contract (Diario Gestion).


  • The Hochschild mining company is preparing explorations in new areas in Apurímac and Cusco, in the following 12 months (Diario Gestion).

  • APM Terminals began preliminary conversations with banks, with a view to obtain a new loan for US$ 200 million to pay debts from its terminal Muelle Norte, located in the port of Callao (Diario Gestion).


  • The company Minera Chinalco said that the functioning of the expansion of the Toromocho copper mine (Junín) could begin in the year 2020 (Diario Gestion).

  • Petroperu will sign the license agreement in the current year to take over the operation of lot 192, located in Loreto (Diario Gestion).

  • After announcing the beginning of the preventive bankruptcy procedure before INDECOPI, the Construction Company Obrainsa presented the updates of the risk rating agencies about the economic and financial situation of the Company, which indicate a growing deterioration in the Company's payment capacity (Diario Gestion).

  • The Comptroller Nelson Shack affirmed that the mismatch of time in Talara refinery works would generate higher costs (Diario Gestion).


  • The construction Company Obras de Ingeniería S.A. (Obrainsa) announced the start of a preventive bankruptcy proceeding before INDECOPI.

  • A Deutsche Bank report revealed that Quellaveco (Moquegua) will reach its maximum production capacity in 2023, and will increase Anglo American's copper production in South America in the coming years (Diario Gestion).

  • The selection of the country in charge of the construction of Chinchero International Airport (Diario Gestion) will be announced during the beginning of May.

  • Proinversion confirmed that it officially opened the 45-day period to receive proposals from the private sector to develop the co-financed private initiative of the commuter rail project from Lima to Ica (Diario Gestion).

  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications confirmed that it was able to recover additional space for the 2.5 band (GHZ) that is required by telecommunications operators. The same will be tendered by Proinversión at the end of this year (Diario Gestion).



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