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Publicado el 18/03/2019

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From Tuesday, March 12th to Monday, March 18th, 2019


  • Announced its tender for the first semester, the Gas Natural massification project in the regions of Apurímac, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Junín, Cusco, Puno and Ucayali, has three bidders, among them Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos, Gas Natural de Lima and Callao S.A. (Cálidda), and the Wapso Peru Consortium (Diario Gestión).


  • In the investment plan until 2023, the Energy Group of Bogota will allocate US$ 525 million to the Peruvian operation of Calidda and US$ 54 million to Contugas, in Ica (Diario Gestión).
  • Karoom Energy has the purpose to find more oil and gas in the sea of ??Tumbes, therefore, they are scheduled to explore the Marine Prospect of lot 138 in the Tumbes basin (Diario Gestión).
  • In the next month, it is planned to start the works of the Mall Aventura Plaza in Chiclayo, which is estimated an investment of S/200 million (Diario Gestión).
  • US$ 100 million is the amount of investment planned for eight concessions of port terminals for this year (Diario Gestión).
  • The wind farm of Enel Green in Marcona will be expanded, which is estimated to cost US $ 130 million (Diario Gestión).
  • Peruvian Supermarkets, linked to the Intercorp Group, tries to settle in Tacna obtaining a concession of 14,800 meters (Diario Gestión).
  • The regional governor of Arequipa announced that if the meeting of March 27 does not reach an agreement with the Angostura Consortium regarding the Majes Siguas II Project, the Regional Government of Arequipa will go to an international arbitration (Diario Gestión).


  • Proinversion postponed for one more month the award date to the highest bidder of the initiative for the construction, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants in the Lake Titicaca (Diario Gestión).



  • According to the Economic Research Area of ??Banco de Credito (BCP), private investment will grow by 5.3% and public investment will have a contraction of 5%, in the first report of 2019 (Diario Gestión).
  • Southern Copper expects to approve this year a plan to build a new smelter and refinery in Ilo, with an investment of US$ 1,300 million, having a processing capacity of one million metric tons of copper (Diario Gestión)
  • The blockade of the access road to the Las Bambas mine 
  • (Apurimac) by a group of residents of neighboring communities, would be generating losses of more than US$ 22 million (Diario Gestión).



  • At the end of 2018, mining exports totaled US$ 29,451 million, which represents that mining is one of the main growth sectors of Peru (Diario Gestión).



  • The copper production in the Las Bambas mine of the Chinese company MMG Ltd could be affected by the blockade of a road, and this would create delays in future shipments to its customers (Diario Gestión).

  • Canadian mining company Barrick Gold announced the withdrawal of its public tender offer (OPA) over the US company Newmont Mining (Diario Gestión).
  • Canadian mining company Sierra Metals signed a guaranteed senior credit line with the Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) that provides funds of up to US$ 100 million as of March 8 (Diario Gestión).



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