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Publicado el 26/11/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, November 20th to Monday, November 26th, 2018


Terminales Portuarios de Chancay in search of a new partner

Starting in March of next year, the terminal operator Terminales Portuarios de Chancay plans to have a strategic partner who will be responsible for the development and operation of the activities of the future port of Chancay (Lima). Through private sources, it was acknowledged that the company is in coordination with a potential partner regarding the financing of the port project, which would amount to a total of US$ 1,500 million.

The company has stated that it is in the search for an international operator so that only in the next 3 months there would be a formal response from potential partners.

The works of the port project are delayed, discarding the paralyzation of the same. The port project plans to have a loading area of bulk, rolling stock, containers and subsequently, of mineral cargo.


  • ProInversión postpones the award of 9 infrastructure projects for the year 2019, for an amount of US$ 1,906 million (Gestión).


  •  Volcan plans to double exploration in polymetallic projects during 2019. It also reported that there is great progress in increasing the power of the Tingo hydroelectric project (Gestión).

  • Red Megacentro reported on its investment plans of US$ 100 million in Peru over the next 5 years, for the development of different real estate projects (Gestión).


  • In the next 15 days, the new insolvency administrator of Doe Run Peru will be appointed following the resignation of Dirige due to the refusal by the Ministry of Energy and Mines to proceed with the increase of its fees (Gestión).

  • The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima requested the start of an arbitration against the operators of the "Metropolitan" transportation system due to the decision to implement the increase of tickets' price (Gestión).

  • Ibereólica Pacífico presented an application for the classification of a wind power generation project called "Parque Eólico Pacífico" in Arequipa (Gestión).

  • The General Manager of Anglo American Perýu, Luis Marchese, informed that the works of the "Quellaveco" mining project are proceeding according to schedule and would conclude within a period of 42 months (Gestión).


  • Terminales Portuarios de Chancay informed that it foresees the incorporation of a strategic partner for the development and operation of the activities of the future port of Chancay. The total estimated investment of the project amounts to US$ 1,500 million (Gestión).



  • Mota-Engil was awarded 10 infrastructure projects in Peru for a total of US$ 232 million. Among the projects are the Vizcachas and Bocatoma Titire dam and Phase 4 of the Las Bambas mining tailings dam elevation, among others (Diario Gestión).
  • The Ombudsman Office of Peru demanded the government to renegotiate road concession agreements national wide in order to accelerate the reconstruction of roads affected by the El Niño phenomenon and generate a balance in the allocation of risk for these phenomena between the private and the government (Gestión).


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