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Publicado el 12/11/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, November 06th to Monday, November 12th, 2018


ProInversión plans to grant at least 56 projects in concession over the next 3 years

ProInversión reported that to date, Peru has a portfolio of 56 investment projects under the public-private partnership scheme that involves an estimated investment of at least US$ 8.3 billion, projects that are expected to be awarded during the next 3 years.

The portfolio 2018 - 2021 is integrated by investment projects in the transport and communications, energy and mining, sanitation, health, education, tourism and culture and asset sales sectors. Nevertheless, for the 2019-2020 period, the portfolio to be promoted includes 32 of these projects representing an estimated investment of US$ 7,315 million.

Among the main projects considered are: "Longitudinal of Sierra Section 4 Highway" with an estimated investment of US$ 464 million, the "Huancayo – Huancavelica Railroad", the "Project of Massification and Distribution of Natural Gas in the Center - South of the Country "that would be awarded during 2019, among others.


  • According to the information, the new municipal management of Lima will decide on the continuity of Odebrecht in the concessionaire Rutas de Lima. Works of the "El Derby" raod project would partially end in 2019 (Gestión).

  • The Special Irrigation and Hydroenergy Project of Alto Piura (Peihap) reported that the verification of the progress of the project's transfer tunnel works have already begun (Gestión).


  • Lima Airport Partners reported that in addition to the investment of US$ 1.5 billion for the expansion of the Jorge Chávez Airport, other companies could invest up to US$ 600 million in the development of businesses within the project area (Gestión).


  • China Railway and the Peruvian government signed a commercial contract for the expansion of the Huánuco - Huallanca highway in the department of Ancash (Gestión).

  • ProInversión plans to grant at least 56 projects in concession over the next 3 years, for an estimated total investment of US$ 8.3 billion (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Housing and Sanitation declared the expiration of the concession contract signed with the company such de Tumbes S.A. for the development of the sanitation projects in that department, due to the lack of renewal of the guarantee of faithful compliance (Gestión).


  • The Peruvian government created a multisectoral commission that will be responsible for monitoring the progress in the development of prioritized investment projects, as well as identifying the measures required for their promotion (Gestión).



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