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Publicado el 05/11/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, October 30th to Monday, November 05th, 2018


The "Peripheral Ring Road" project would be declared of interest during the first quarter of 2019

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Edmer Trujillo, reported that his ministry has been working to ensure that the declaration of interest of the project takes place during the first half of 2019 and not during the third quarter of the same year, as reported by ProInversión in October.

Although the development of the project presented uncertainties due to the number of properties that would be affected, the ministry aims to tender it during 2019. Thus, it is expected that by January of next year to appoint the concessionaire that will be in charge of the formulation of the technical file of the project. The main project studies carried out to date are related to the design, updating and validation of the preinvestment report, the diagnosis of land and properties, among others.

The "Peripheral Ring Road" project is a private initiative presented in April 2013 that seeks to implement a 38.4-kilometer highway in 3 sections that will connect the north, east and south areas of Lima. The estimated investment of the project would exceed US$ 2 billion.


  • Grupo Energía de Bogotá reported that it is evaluating entering the solar energy sector in Peru through the presentation of private initiatives (Gestión).

  • UG21 was awarded 70% of the design of the hydraulic network for Juliaca, a project in which it will participate together with the Peruvian company Lycons (Gestión).

  • To date, the transfer of shares of H2Olmos in favor of Brookfield and Suez is still pending, likewise the change of the strategic investor of the project and of its operator (Gestión).

  • The Minister of Transport and Communications, Edmer Trujillo, announced that the project "Peripheral Ring Road" would be declared of interest during the first quarter of 2019 (Gestión).


  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications completed the process of transferring the assets and administration of the port of Salaverry to the Tramarsa consortium, concessionaire of the modernization project that will require an estimated investment of US$ 229 million (Gestión).

  • The evaluation of the "Gasoducto Sur Peruano" project that the Peruvian government has been carrying out will take longer than expected due to the technical detail under which the information received is processed. It is expected to have the first conclusions about the project during the first semester of 2019 (Gestión).

  • The government published the regulation of Legislative Decree No. 1362 that establishes the new legal framework for investment projects under the public-private partnership scheme (Gestión).


  • The Minister of Energy and Mines, Francisco Ismodes, reported that the government estimates that during the year 2019 the construction of 6 mining projects would begin with an estimated total investment of US$ 3,441 million (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications reported that the governments of the United States, Canada and France are interested in participating in the development of the "Chinchero International Airport" project (Gestión).



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