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Publicado el 29/10/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, October 23rd to Monday, October 29th, 2018


The authority responsible for the Alto Piura irrigation project (Peihap) has decided to terminate the agreement with the Obrainsa-Astaldi consortium due to delays in the construction of the project's transfer tunnel

The authority responsible for the "Alto Piura" irrigation project (Peihap) notified the consortium Obrainsa - Astaldi of the termination of the agreement signed for the construction of the Tronera Sur dam and the Trans-Andean water transfer tunnel, due to the delays in the project, which has been paralyzed since August 4th.

In the notification sent to the consortium, the Peihap indicated that the physical verification of the works will be carried out next November 5, as well as the inventory under notarial corroboration.

Faced with this situation, the general manager of the project, Marco Vargas, informed that it will prepare a new tender for the unfinished works. For this new process, the companies that participated in the last tender for the transfer tunnel will be invited. If such companies are interested, they will have to submit a technical file to define the new contractor.

If there are no interested parties, the Peihap will be obliged to carry out an international bidding process, a process that will last between 3 and 6 months. However, this new process will be carried out under a new management since January 1st, 2019.


  • Engie Peru informed that it will prioritize wind and solar projects in the south of the country. Among the projects evaluated is one of wind generation in Ica, with an estimated investment of US$ 350 million (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications indicated that it is working on accelerating works that will improve road access to the Jorge Chávez airport (Gestión).

  • GR Bayóvar informed that it plans to develop the wind farm in the province of Sechura, Piura (Gestión).

  • Edmer Trujillo, Minister of Transport and Communications, reported that it is expected to execute the second addendum to the concession agreement for the "Line 2 of the Metro of Lima and Callao " project in November (Gestión).

  • The project "Main Works and Conduction of Drinkable Water Supply in Lima" would be awarded during the fourth quarter of 2019, according to ProInversión (Gestión).


  • ProInversión informed that it will initiate a tender process for the hiring of a consultancy agency that will be in charge of preparing an " agreement template" for the concession of infrastructure projects, in order to ensure minimum levels of quality (Gestión).


  • The authority responsible for the Alto Piura irrigation project (Peihap) reported that it is preparing to start a new tender for the construction of the transfer tunnel of the Alto Piura project (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications announced the schedule of works for the Jorge Chávez Airport expansion project after the delivery of the necessary land for its execution. The project must be completed during the first quarter of 2022 (Gestión).


  • The authority responsible for the Alto Piura irrigation project (Peihap) reported on the termination of the agreement with the Obrainsa Astaldi Consortium due to the latter's failure to comply with the drilling work on the project's transfer tunnel (Gestión).

  • The Peruvian government delivered the necessary land to Lima Airport Partners to execute the expansion project of the Jorge Chávez Airport (Gestión).


  • Chinalco Peru is negotiating to obtain a loan of US$ 100 million that will be invested in the Toromocho project. To date, the project has a total investment of US$ 3,500 million (Gestión).



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