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Publicado el 15/10/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, October 09th to Monday, October 15th, 2018


Interested companies may submit proposals for the development of the project "Tren de Cercanías Barranca - Ica" until January 2019

The Ministry of Transport and Communications initiated the formal procedure before the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the authorization to open a “window” of opportunities for the private sector to present proposals for the construction and operation of the project "Commuter Train Barranca - Ica. "

Once approved by the Ministry of Economy, there will be a period of 3 months (until January 2019) for the presentation of private co-financed initiatives for the project. After that, there will be an additional period of 1 month for the formulation of the project.

Additionally, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Edmer Trujillo, informed that, in this same “window” the presentation of initiatives for the concession of the improvement and expansion of a group of eight regional airports will be included. Related to the airport sector, the the ministry informed that on next November 5th, the land works of the “Chinchero International Airport" project will be tendered to the company that will be in charge of such works.


  • To date, a judicial ruling is still pending regarding the land needed for the construction of the Jorge Chávez Airport expansion project (Gestión).

  • After several meetings, the authorities determined that it would be more convenient that the construction of the "Palo Alto" dam of the "Chavimochic III" project should be completed by the concessionaire of the project, led by Odebrecht (Gestión).


  • Grupo Angelini reported that it is evaluating its participation in more mining projects in Peru, after initiating activities with the project "Mina Justa" (Gestión).


  • According to the information provided by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, until January 2019 initiatives could be presented for the construction of the "Commuter Train Barranca - Ica" (Gesitón).


  • Decision on the structure to continue with the construction works of the "Palo Redondo" dam of the "Chavimochic III" project would be known in the coming days (Gestión).

  • The creditors' meeting of Doe Run Peru reported that a new auction process for the assets of the company would be convened towards the end of November, with the prior approval of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the creditors. The new auctions would start on April 5th and 15th of 2019 (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Economy and Finance is evaluating the termination of Azteca's fiber optic network concession, given the lack of agreement to increase the use of the network. Current use of the same is estimated only at 17% of the expected demand for the concession (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Production reported that the Ancon industrial park project will be defined next year. Investment required is estimated at US$ 150 million (Gestión).


  • The Ministry of Economy and Finance, the General Comptroller of the Republic and the Regional Government of La Libertad met to define the future of the construction of the "Palo Redondo" dam of the "Chavimochic III" project (Gestión).

  • The "Majes-Siguas II" project will continue to be suspended until December of this year due to the lack of consensus regarding the proposed change of irrigation technology, which is reflected in the addendum proposed by the concessionaire and that will imply a US$ 110 million increase of  the costs of the project (Gestión).

  • Bear Creek reported on the beginning of initial construction works on the Corani mining project (Gestión).

  • The "Hidrovía Amazónica" project, which estimated investment of US $ 94.7 million will be co-financed, is preparing the final engineering and environmental impact studies to proceed with the construction works. It is expected that both studies will be approved in October 2019 (Gestión).

  • ProInversión informed that to date 5 bidders are confirmed for the bidding process of the project of wastewater treatment system of the Lake Titicaca basin (Gestión).



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