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Publicado el 01/10/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, September 25th to Monday, October 01st, 2018


China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation was awarded the road project "Huánuco - La Unicón - Huallanca"

The Chinese company was awarded the project for the improvement, conservation and operation of the highway "Huánuco - La Unicón - Huallanca", part of the Longitudinal highway of the Sierra Norte, with an estimated investment of US$ 375 million.

The project, estimates the Ministry of Transport and Communications, will benefit more than 272,000 inhabitants of the region.

The work of the Chinese company will involve the execution of initial and complementary works, special attention and conservation by levels of infrastructure service of the road network, guaranteeing adequate conditions of transmissibility and road safety.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance also informed that an investment of US$ 154 million is under execution for the Huánuco region, of which approximately 75% will be executed directly through Provías.


  • ProInversión suspended the bidding process of the Colca mining project, in order to duly inform the local communities regarding its scope (Gestión).

  • The technical comission formed to evaluate the different options for the continuity of the "Chavimochic III" project by the Odebrecht-Graña Montero consortium, could have its final decision during this week. The completion of the Palo Redondo dam could be done under the responsibility of the indicated consortium (Gestión).


  • China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation was awarded the road project "Huánuco - La Unicón - Huallanca" for the improvement, conservation and operation of the highway, for an investment of US$ 375 million (Gestión).

  • Minear Yanacocha reported that it plans to start engineering studies of the "Yanacocha Verde" project during 2019. The new project would require an investment of US $ 2.1 billion (Gestión).


  • The mining project "Los Chancas" in Apurímac, which required investment amounts to US$ 2.8 billion, will begin on October 10th the process of early environmental evaluation, a requirement to determine its feasibility (Gestión).


  • The company ATSA applied for the development of a private airfield in the province of Espinar, in Cusco, with an estimated investment of US$ 3.5 million (Gestión).

  • Energy Development Corporation informed its intention to participate in auctions of new geothermal projects in Peru and Chile. To date, it has five concessions and 19 requests between both countries (Gestión).



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