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Publicado el 10/09/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, September 04th to Monday, September 10th, 2018


The Peruvian Government announces new reception of private initiatives for the development of railway projects and reports on the concession of important infrastructure projects nationwide during 2019

Among the news reported by the Peruvian government regarding its portfolio of infrastructure projects, the Ministry of Transport and Communications reported that in the month of October will begin the reception of private co-financed initiatives to develop the project "Commuter Train Barranca - Ica ", which will require an estimated investment of US$ 3,263 million. The deadline for submitting proposals will last 3 months.

The ministry also reported on the project for the construction of the "Trujillo - Chiclayo" train, which will be preliminarily implemented as a co-financed project that will require a total investment of US$ 2,285 million. The government will announce the start of the period for the presentation of private proposals in a timely manner. This project will consist of the construction, operation and maintenance of a railway of 210 kilometers.

On the other hand, regarding road infrastructure projects, the Peruvian government reported that among the new initiatives is the "New Central Connection", which will be an alternate route to the Central Highway, which will begin in north of Lima and will end in Cerro de Pasco. This self-financed private initiative, proposed by the Colombian company Conalvías Construcciones SAS, would be awarded in 2020 with an investment of US$ 561 million. Similarly, it was reported that the project "Peripheral Ring Road", which would require an investment of US$ 2,949 million, could be awarded during 2019.

Finally, among the projects that are currently under bidding processes, the ministry reported that the projects "Huancayo – Huancavelica Rail Road" and "Longitudinal de la Sierra Highway Section 4" (which investment was increased to US$ 578 million) would be awarded during the first quarter and the first half of 2019, respectively.


  • The board of creditors of Doe Run Peru decided to extend until September 27th, the deadline for the sale of its metallurgical and mining assets (Gestión).

  • SSK terminated the agreement for construction works with Técnicas Reunidas Talara within the framework of the modernization project of the Talara Refinery (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Agriculture informed that continuity of the Chavimochic III and Majes - Siguas II projects is still under evaluation (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Economy and Finance reported that the project "Gasoducto Sur Peruano" could be financed entirely by private capital (Gestión).


  • The Chinese company Zhonghai confirmed its interest in investing in the assets of Pacific Andes International Holdings, among which are the assets in Peru of China Fishery and Copeinca (Gestión).


  • Peruvian Government announces new reception of private initiatives for the development of railway projects and reports on the concession of important infrastructure projects nationwide during 2019 (Gestión).

  • The construction contract for the "Alto Piura" irrigation project is could be resolved due to the shutdown of works by the Obrainsa Astaldi Consortium (Gestión).

  • The Vice Ministry of Communications informed that it is expected to tender a 2.3 GHz band during 2019, in order to provide 5g technology (Gestión).


  • SUNAT reported that it requested the postponement of the next meeting of creditors of Doe Run Peru due to the fact that it does not have enough information to evaluate different agenda points to be discussed related to the sale process of the company’s main assets (Gestión).

  • According to the information provided by the Regional Government of Cusco, on September 17th the implementation of new transportation projects in Machu Picchu will be decided, including the construction of a cableway (Gestión).

  • Lima Airport Partners selected FCC Construcción, Salini Impregilo and Aecom as the team that will be responsible for the implementation of the Jorge Chávez Airport expansion project (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications reported that negotiations were concluded with the concessionaire of Line 2 of the Metro of Lima and Callao with respect to the new addendum to the concession agreement (Gestión).

  • The Peruvian government, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance, informed that the land works for the "Chinchero International Airport" project will be carried out through a private construction company. The concession would be awarded in October of this year (Gestión).

  • On next October, the Peruvian government will open a new phase for the presentation of private co-financed initiatives projects to improve the infrastructure of the third group of regional airports, project that will require an investment of approximately US$ 600 million (Gestión).


  • Trasvase Olmos and H2Olmos, managers of the Olmos irrigation special project, reported that to date the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights prevents payment to suppliers and creditors, including the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) (Gestión).

  • According to the information provided by the National Authority for Reconstruction, regional and local governments have informed regarding 450 expressions of interest for a total amount of US$ 600 million of investments, which would be executed between September and October (Gestión).



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