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Publicado el 13/08/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, August 07th to Monday, August 13th, 2018


The Peruvian government will finance the cost increase of Majes-Siguas II through the sale of land

As reported, through the subscription of the addendum N ° 13 to the concession agreement of the Majes-Siguas II project, a cost increase of US $ 110 million was agreed due to the change of irrigation technology to face the environmental conditions of the project, as well as to solve the problem of reduced water availability in the project area.

If the Regional Government of Arequipa approves the execution of the aforementioned addendum, the the Peruvian government will assume the increase cost generated, using resources from the sale of land. With this, the investment of the project would increase from US$ 550 million to US$ 660 million. Among the works to be executed due to the proposed  change of technology are the implementation of a technified irrigation system and also the construction of roof of the canal through which the water will be transported from the Angostura dam to the lands.


  • The President Martín Vizcarra announced that the government will promote an energy interconnection project with Chile (Gestión).


  • The concessionaire in charge of the "Chavimochic III" project reported that it is currently working to achieve the unlock of the project within the framework of Legislative Decree 1224 and Law 30737. The government previously reported that it evaluates the possibility of tendering the project as a public work (Gestión).


  • ProInversión announced a new timetable for the tender for the transmission lines "La Niña-Piura", "Pariñas-Nueva Tumbes" and "Tingo María-Aguaytía I". Good pro would be awarded during the first quarter of 2019 (Gestión).


  • ISA REP informed that it is evaluating the potential acquisition of transmission lines in the country (Gestión).

  • The Regional Government of Arequipa reported that it is under evaluation the financing of the cost increase of the Majes-Siguas II project due to the proposed change of technology, through the sale of land (Gestión).

  • Repsol confirmed that it is implementing an investment of US$ 100 million for the construction of a fourth port terminal at the La Pampilla refinery (Gestión).



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