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Publicado el 09/07/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, July 03rd to Monday, July 09th, 2018


French companies interested in PPP projects in the transport, water and sanitation sectors

After the European tour of ProInversión to promote Peru's portfolio of infrastructure projects 2018 - 2022 which represents more than US$ 10 billion of investments, the entity shows great progress in its labor to promote private investment. The Peruvian delegation toured the cities of London, Paris, and Zurich participating in different events to promote private investment, as well as organizing individual meetings with different business groups in order to promote and expose the portfolio of more than 20 projects in the country.

Thus, ProInversión met in Paris with the most important companies in France in different areas. The projects in the transport, water, and sanitation sectors were the ones that attracted the most interest from French investors. Also, in the event called "A Bright Future - Peru's PPP Outlook 2018" held in London, different investors gathered attracted by the economic growth of the country, as well as by the need for investment to cover the infrastructure gap up to US$ 16 billion.



  • Edmer Trujillo, Minister of Transportation and Communications, announced the investment of US$ 19 million in projects to modernize the port and airport of Ilo in order to position such infrastructures as a terminal for the future bi-oceanic railway with bolivia (Gestión).

  • According to government sources, the amount of the compensation requested by the consortium in charge of the "Line 2 of the Metro of Lima and Callao" project would increase to US$ 500 million. Controversy arose due to delay in the delivery of land for the project (Gestión).


  • The concession companies of the Paita and Yurimaguas ports are considering increasing their investment in order to expand their infrastructure (Gestión).

  • The "Line 1 of the Metro of Lima and Callao" project will incorporate the construction of a new passenger terminal in order to achieve interconnection with the railway of the "Line 2 of the Metro Lima and Callao Metro" project, currently under construction (Gestión) .

  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications is evaluating new proposals for the expansion and modernization of the Callao port terminal (North and South Docks), in charge of the concessionary companies ATP Terminasl and DPW (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Education reported that it maintains a portfolio of PPP projects for a total amount of US$ 415 million, which it expects to execute by the year 2021 (Gestión).


  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications reported that work for the removal of the earth for the "Chinchero International Airport" project will start next October (Gestión).

  • ProInverisón reported that at the end of its European tour for the promotion of the project portfolio 2018 - 2022, different main French companies are interested in projects in the transport, water and sanitation sectors, among others (Gestión).


  • Enagás filed a request for the initiation of arbitration against the Peruvian State for US$ 511 million, in relation to the controversy related to its investment in the "Gasoducto Sur Peruano" project (Gestión).



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