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Publicado el 18/06/2018

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, June 12th to Monday, June 18th, 2018


Grupo Bayona evaluates the development of a port project in Arequipa with an estimated investment of US$ 150 million

The company Puerto Sur Peru, part of the Bayona Group, reported that the construction of a first stage of the port terminal in Acari (Arequipa) will require an estimated investment of US$ 150 million, and will allow the transport and export of iron ore from Andahuaylas.

Frank Boyle, chairman of the company's board, said they are currently in conversations with US investors for a potential strategic agreement and construction of the project. The company expects a preliminary agreement to be reached between June and July. If this is not achieved, negotiations are expected to continue during the second half of 2018. However, the development of the port project will be linked to the development of the Bayona Group's mining project in the south of the country.

The executive said that the development of the port terminal would not affect the development of other port projects in the south of the country, such as the San Juan de Marcona terminal.


  • Gaz Energie informed that it will allocate US$ 500 million for the development of the "Humay" thermal power plant in Pisco (Gestión).

  • Grupo Bayona evaluates the development of a port project in Arequipa with an estimated investment of US$ 150 million (Gestión).


  • Anglo American and Mitsubishi reached an agreement for the latter company to increase its participation in the "Quellaveco" mining project. Estimated investment of Mitsubishi will be of US$ 600 million (Gestión).


  • Cosapi confirmed an agreement for the sale of its participation (40%) in the company Concesionaria Angostura - Siguas S.A., in charge of the Majes - Siguas II project, in favor of its partner in the same Cobra (Gestión).

  • The consortium winner of the tender process of the project of modernization of the port of Salaberry, formed by the companies Tramarsa and Naviera Tramarsa, informed that it will start the construction works in December (Gestión).

  • The project for the construction of a container terminal in Chimbote will be tendered during 2019, according to ProInversión (Gestión).


  • Souther Peru signed the concession contract for the development of the copper mining project "Michiquillay". The company plans to begin construction works in 2019 with the first disbursements of the required US$ 2 500 investment (Gestión).

  • Enel reported that it is evaluating the development of two geothermal power plant projects in southern Peru (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Agriculture announced the creation of a portfolio of 102 irrigation projects under the scheme "works for taxes" for a total investment of US$ 220 million (Gestión).


  • The working group of the project "Tren Bioceánico Bolivia - Perú" is evaluating the preliminary route of the railway. Investment of the project is estimated at US$ 15 billion (Gestión).



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