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Publicado el 02/10/2017

Áreas de Práctica: Financiamiento de Proyectos


From Tuesday, September 26th to Monday, Octuber 02nd, 2017


ProInversión reported that 3 Peruvian and 5 foreign mining companies are interested in the public tender of the Michiquillay mining project

The executive director of ProInversión, Álvaro Quijandría, announced the great interest of foreign companies in the awarding of the Michiquillay mining project. He also reported that there is a possibility that some of these companies may participate in the process through corsortiums.

Although it did not give more details about which companies are interested in the project, it has been confirmed that Buenaventura bought the regulations of the project published by ProInversión, while the companies Southern Cooper and Milpo maintain great interest in participating in the public tender.

According to the project regulations, the presentation of the economic offer and the award of the project are scheduled for November 15th. According to the director of ProInversión, the project is shown as an attractive, profitable and viable investment opportunity due to the copper price recovery. Michiquillay is expected to start operations with a production of 80,000 tons per day.


  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation announced that it is evaluating the continuity of the "Chinecas" irrigation project under the PPP scheme due to administrative and land problems (Gestión).

  • ProInversión reported on the success of the "Roadshow Asia 2017" and provides for the participation of Japanese companies in the next tender process for the concession of infrastructure projects under the PPP scheme (Gestión).


  • The Congress authorized the General Comptroller of the Republic to evaluate in advance the agreements for the financing and/or execution of projects under the scheme of “Works for Taxes” (Semana Económica).


  • ProInversión reported that 3 Peruvian and 5 foreign mining companies are interested in the public tender of the Michiquillay mining project (Gestión).

  • Norvial, a subsidiary of Graña y Montero, approved the execution of the Addendum No. 5 to the concession agreement of the Ancón - Huacho - Pativilca Section of the North Panamerican Highway (Gestión).


  • Pablo de la Flor, director of the National Authority for Reconstruction, announced that more capacity is needed for the execution of public works under the National Reconstruction Plan, therefore the participation of the private sector in these projects is being evaluated (Gestión).

  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications has transferred more than US$ 92 million to the Municipality of Lima for the execution of road infrastructure works within the framework of the Panamerican Games Lima 2019 (Gestión).

  • Within 15 days, the Congress will discuss the proposed amendments to Emergency Decree N° 003-2017 (Gestión).


  • Laurent Cravois, CEO of Vinci Highways Peru, reported that the company has great interest in the development of projects in the country, including railway projects and electronic tolls (Gestión).

  • Pecsa reported that it has been developing its fuel storage terminal project in Mollendo, Arequipa, with an estimated investment of US$ 40 million (Gestión).

  • Concar S.A., a subsidiary of Graña y Montero, signed a contract with Lima Airport Partners for the stabilization of unpaved areas on the north side of Jorge Chavez International Airport (Gestión).

  • The Minister of Energy and Mines, Cayetana Aljovín, informed that the government will grant and specific term to the consortium Gasoducto Sur Peruano for the delivery of the assets corresponding to such project (Gestión).

  • Vinci Highways Peru announced that the concession project “Vía Expresa Línea Amarilla” will start operations in December this year (Gestión).



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